A Gamophobe

Then they’ll be married.

It’ll be fun, and exciting.

Then unfunny things will start to happen.

They’ll start talking more and more about challenges and funds, and less and less about the lovely things they used to talk about.

Then they’ll start boring each other without them even knowing it.

Then they start to disgust each other.

They’ll start spending more time with outsiders than they spend with each other.

Then the fun will start being outside—with outsiders, and not inside—with each other.

They’ll start confiding in outsiders and not in each other anymore.

Then the nagging, and the malice.

Then the cusses, and the said or/and unsaid curses.

Then the arguing, and the quarreling.

Then the laying of words and hands against each other.

Then everything else I fear about marriage.

Hell no!


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Olusegun Peters is a businessman in tech and in the academics. He is the founder of www.primerinfotech.com and www.pec-ng.com. He is also a poet who has hundreds of poems published, and a couple of media and literature awards to his credit.  He is by education a Political Scientist at every degree of academics. He believes in the parts social activeness must take in individual development and state-crafting. He believes social involvement is one of the core factors that can bring about the cut-across development. He is passionate about contributing his knowledge to impacting as many people as possible one person at a time. Read more about Olusegun Peters here

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