America’s Unsung Business in Afghanistan

As the talks of America removing their boots from the lands of Afghanistan took over the medias in par with how the Taliban took over the Afghan government in just days after the American soldiers started leaving, dare we be reminded what America says they invaded Afghanistan for, why America established military bases in the country and have kept their soldiers there for two decades straight?

First off, are these even appropriate? The invasion of Afghanistan, the establishment of military bases in Afghanistan, the suppression of the Afghan military under the pretence of training them, are these not some sort of abuse of the country’s sovereignty? Okay, you might want to justify that with the fact that Afghanistan harboured Osama Bin Laden which facilitated how himself and his friends were able to stage the biggest terrorist attack on the United States. You might have a reason to believe America did the right thing by invading Afghanistan afterwards; as that is the only workable thing to do to curb another anti-American movement that would be as big as al-Qaeda, but these are only what US wants the controlled media to let you think. See it from the views of the conspiracy theorists that started the arguments that sound like crap. starting from how the fall of the Twin Towers was staged by America so they could have a reason to invade Afghanistan to the falsehood of other things America has been doing in Afghanistan afterwards; this sounds stupid to me, but just go watch some of these videos analysing the fall of the towers and how it doesn’t look like what they make the world believe it is, you might get to have a second thought about the fall of the towers. This is not even my argument yet, it’s just something I must mention to set you mind for my crux.

Beyond what the medias say, I have the personal reasons to believe America entered Afghanistan to exploit their natural resources. Oh, you didn’t know Afghanistan is crazy rich in precious stones and resources for nuclear bombs? Yes they are, and instead of doing it in the 1800’s British ways, I have reasons to believe America did their own invasion-for-exploitation in the most gangster way; the justified way. 20 years of American soldiers in Afghanistan, thousands of American soldiers’ death in Afghanistan, multiple millions of Dollars spent on training and enhancing the Afghan soldiers, but you believe America did all these for free? Just for the safety of America against terrorism? To spread democracy to Afghanistan? No powerful country is that straight forward in dealing with a less powerful country, especially when the latter has too many resources an exploiter would like to take from. America is not the first to do this with Afghanistan, it’s just time for America to have their own exploitative share of what Afghanistan is naturally blessed with. It might not be brilliant to—like the conspiracy theorists—think America staged the fall of the Twin Tower and have thousands of Americans die in one day so as to have a justified reason to invade Afghanistan, but it is very okay to think America took advantage of that to establish unrevealed businesses in Afghanistan.

The American force unwarrantedly killing even the most civil Afghan people, the abuse of the rights of the country people in their own land, the exploitation and unclean exploration of the Afghan resources, and the overstay of the US Army in Afghanistan is definitely why the Taliban gained the support of good parts of the peoples of Afghanistan. The American-built Afghan government was never going to continue enjoying any bit of legitimacy as soon as America exited Afghanistan, that was sure; the American systems of government cannot be given to Afghanistan just like that without putting the history and cultures of the Afghan peoples into proper consideration. The liberals could be carried away with their ideas of freedom and their desire to make sure everyone in the world enjoys such freedom no matter what country they are—which is a good thing, but it is important we know that “freedom” does not have to mean the same thing to Afghanistan as it does to America. If the Taliban want their land to not be controlled by foreigners and they want Afghanistan to be able to define the freedom of its own people, America should not be in the ways of that. Enough of using anti-American movements and the spread of democracy to remain in Afghanistan; if America does not want to be attacked by another Osama, America should go and guard their own territories better not dominate another country  in their own home so they don’t breed people who would become anti-American and attack America again. Free Afghanistan.

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