Change or No Change

We are in the era when everyone has gotten something harsh and negative to say about the present administration and the president heading it in every gathering where politics is being discussed. It seems like the only thing people call “discussing politics” now is them calling the head of the administration names and raining curses on him. Everyone just wants to say something that would make “change” sound stupid, and like it’s a dupe. And the funniest thing is: these people are the ones who don’t even have a single idea as to what to suggest as a way to make things better. I’ve heard some of them arguing loudly that people will have to die for Nigeria to get better; and my question is: is this it? Is this the way out? Is this us discussing the way out?

You know, the people are always soon to forget a bad government when a worst one comes around, they are always seeing the bad one as the best one forgetting that—even in the case of Nigeria—the problem of a previous administration is sure to be brought forward to the succeeding administration, even than the achievement of the said previous administration. We are always soon to blame the ruin of the Nigerian economy on President Buhari, his colleagues, APC, and their supporters; not remembering that just a short while ago, just a while before this administration, there was an administration that couldn’t get things together and keep them together. The administration was good at scattering everything. Everything is scattered everywhere now, and the one who shows up wanting to get everything back together—but can’t—is the one bearing even the punishments of the one who scattered everything everywhere. The one who scattered it all walks away a hero, while the self-acclaimed superman walks around shoulders-down-and-head-bent. We criticize harshly this administration that it is too inexperience to solve even the tiniest economy problem; while we give praises to the one that escalated the problem. We don’t want to be reminded that before this administration that targeted changing everything (but failed), we had an administration full of members who only know how to dip in the pot empty-handed, and are always taking things out of the pot. Under the said previous administration, everyone was busy taking from the pot without replenishing it, they ended up leaving the pot dry or near-dry. Now, the ones who really are dependent on the pot can’t get a thing from inside of it anymore.

All I’m saying to bore you this much is: it has become politically normal to blame it on the present administration as things aren’t going as they should; while it seems very wrong to blame anything on the previous administration. But then, we should always remember, this economic meltdown did not start from here; it only got worse here.

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