Fixed Deposits, Shares, Landed Properties, and Cryptocurrencies

Years after years, there always comes and goes an era of the next best means of generating or transferring wealth; I was born in the mid 80’s, so I can say I grew up to meet a couple of eras before the one we are in now. There was when every parent must think of fixing some money somewhere for a big future profit or for a big project, or for some sort of heritage for their children against when they (the parents) pass away. There also was when people got the understanding that keeping their money safe somewhere does not really add more value to it, and that the money kept safe somewhere in fact reduces in worth—even if it increases in figures—by the time the money returns to the owner (i.e. keeping 1 million money safe somewhere from 2010 to 2020 might increase it to 1.5 million money, but what the 1.5 million would be able to do in 2020 would not be up to what the 1 million could do in 2010, and that’s a great loss if you pay attention to the mathematics very well). So this time made people want to have their money flowing so its worth keeps up with time; this made them want to buy shares and sell them when they have added more values.

Another era came when people realized landed properties are good form of investment and heritage; landed properties rarely decreases in worth (decrement only happens in times of or after a social crisis and no one wants to use such area for anything anymore). Also, parents understood that landed properties make a form of headstart for their children in the future, so everyone started putting their resources on landed properties, and it’s only in rare times people lose in this kind of investment… really rare times.

But this is 2021, a new era is here, the era of cryptocurrencies, and it’s been really really crazy recently than what anyone could have envisaged when it all started a few years back. In fact, it’s high time we started thinking it through where we should put our money for higher interests and better future heritage. For me, I’ve been having a swell of thoughts over it, and I’ve concluded that on Bitcoin (a kind of cryptocurrencies) is where my money can be. I know the buying price of Bitcoin (BTC) is never stable; it goes back and forth, so it is dangerous—whether you are a miner or a keeper—to put your money on BTC, as you may lose it as fast as you could lose your money in Forex trading. But hear me out first and see why I’d rather put my money on BTC than on fixed deposit, shares, or landed properties.

Oh, before I get into why I would rather put my money on BTC, a miner is a person who trades their BTC; they aim to buy BTC at lesser prices and then sell when the prices are up. While a keeper is a person who wants to buy BTC and keep it there for long term before selling. Now hear me out, see, considering that fixed deposit and shares are really not a kind of good investment anymore, and also the fact that although fixed deposits can still be a good way of transferring wealth to a next generation, and that landed properties are still good as investment and heritage, BTC still perfectly does the two functions best; the best form of investment and also the best form of heritage for a next generation.

Though the price is never stable, but here is what I know for sure about BTC, the price can go from $30k to $40k, then to $50k, then falls to $35k, $34k, $33k or $31k, but based on all the times I have experienced the fall, it has never fallen back to what it rose from. This means every time BTC rises, there is a level it’s never falling back to when it falls. This makes it good for keepers; you can buy your 1 BTC for $30k today and be sure in the next three years you are coming to meet your 1 BTC now worth around $400k. Also, the fact that it’s always rising and falling unannounced makes it a good form of business for miners; there will always be the time to buy for you and also the time to sell, and also, there will always be people who want to buy or sell at a particular time, so the market is really there for you, and the products to trade too. So whatever reason it is why a person buys BTC—investment or heritage, it’s really sure they can’t lose their wealth, and it’s because BTC is never going to lose its worth.

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