Forgetting the Buhari Administration

I’m a little bit of a literature person, so I get the undertone of what the Nobel Laureate in Literature holder Emeritus Professor Wole Soyinka means when he says he’d rather—for his sanity—not talk about the Buhari Administration, as he’s trying to forget the administration exists. But then, this could be an option only for people who have been active in the crafting of Nigeria, people who have contributed so much to the social development of the country; the senior citizens. This is not an option for the youths who are mostly apolitical and have done almost nothing patriotic for Nigeria before. Apart from the fact that you have to have done so much for your country to be qualified to say you do not want to relate to a part of the activities in your country, the failures of the Buhari Administration—or any other administration for that matter—brings more burdens on the youths than the senior citizens. So if Emeritus Prof. Wole Soyinka wants to exempt himself from a part of the administration of Nigeria, the youths should not take such decision as an advice everyone has to embrace, lest we’d get even worse with our political apartheid and have even the worst of us ruling and making the worst of policies for us.

Most of the Nigerian youths who have always been un-Nigerians before now and even become more un-Nigerians after all the End SARS problems of 2020, they would be susceptible to liking any idea that suggests that they remove themselves from a part of the administration of the country, and that would be so bad for them. Removing ourselves from the administration of our country is the major part of what got us, trying to engage ourselves in it one move at a time would be what gives up the hope that we can make the good change happen. Besides, the Buhari Administration must not be left to keep going how the tyrannical people in it want it to go; at least not without some counters from within. There has to be us rebuking every push we don’t like even when they would still continue pushing us. Such rebuking is good in communicating to them and to the outside world what we are going through, and should we ever get pushed to the wall and have to respond against the push it would be understood that we shouted that we do not like to be pushed. We cannot try to forget about the Buhari Administration, we cannot avoid talking about it, we cannot avoid thinking about it. Why? Because we have already done too much of leaving them to it, and that’s how we got here. We need to keep shouting about this administration, there is a little bit of hope for us in doing that.

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