How Biden Failed as a President

Don’t get me wrong on this one, I’m a democrat, a little bit a fan of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and a big supporter of anything that can make it impossible for Trump to remain the president of America for the next four years. But as much as I am all that, I still am very convinced that Biden wouldn’t be able to make much impact as a president. I will highlight my reasons for this statement and believe they would be worth referring to after the first 4 years of Biden and Kamala.

Trump’s four years was all about himself, the things he did, the things people say about him and the people he likes, and Americans got so much used to that that even when Trump played dirty, he made even the clean people play dirty with him; he dragged everyone down to his pettiness, and Americans ever than before, Americans have learned and gotten used to trolling their president, and that would be the first problem Biden is going to have to deal with as soon as he starts to function as the president. Nothing Biden does would go not criticized. If he personalizes the presidency like Trump, the people who hated trump for that would be mad at him, if he tries to remove his person from the presidency like former president Obama, the people who like Trump for personalizing the presidency would hate him for that. So it’s going to be really tough for Biden to be able to choose either of the paths that have already be done by the two of Obama and Trump as presidents.

Talking about Obama, it would also create a lot of problems for Biden choosing whether to remain loyal to Obama or to cut himself off the relationship that looks to people like Biden is Obama’s puppet; everyone has been saying this, and most of the times when people get powerful, one of the first things they want to do is not want to appear as anybody’s puppet. If Biden retains his relationship with Obama for the next four years, he’s indeed a true friend. If he wins the second term and still remains the true friend of Obama’s till after the second four years, I would be really shocked.

The number of things expected of President Biden right now is beyond what any normal president can do; he’s expected to fix up everything Trump fucked up—including the relationship between the peoples. The hero syndrome never ends well; the people who voted Biden are expecting him to excel exceedingly, the millions of people who voted for Trump are expecting him to fail woefully just to prove a point. This would be hard to beat, really hard. The idea of uniting the America Trump divided would be really impossible; this is the kind of division African countries battle with every day, based on ethnic and religion, and America is having a taste of it now and at its best. It’ll take a while before they get to understand each other’s space again. No president can have a list of excellent achievement in the midst of internal division. But apart from these, I wish the president-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-Elect Kamala Harris the best of luck in trying to revive the soul of their dear country.

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