How Nigeria is Fairing in this Time of No Opposition Parties

Since 1999 when Nigeria returned to a democratic government, up until 2015 when APC became the ruling party, PDP has been the ruling party of the central government; and that party as a ruling party—especially the Jonathan Administration—experienced the harshest kind of opposition from every party APC metamorphosed from and to till they finally arrived at APC. Though the hash opposition was obviously coming from the desperateness of the opposition APC to have a taste of ruling at the center too, but we cannot deny that the availability of an opposition party that: one, understood their job; two, was desperate about it; and three, was always waiting for the ruling party to do anything at all so they could point out the bad things about it and use it against them was keeping the ruling part up on their toes and be careful what they were doing and saying. This is not to posit that the ruling party did so much just because of the opposition they had, but it is safe to think the opposition APC contributed to the achievement of any little thing the ruling PDP had via severe criticisms and setting up underground forces against the ruling party in life and on the internet.

In fact, during the administration of Goodluck Jonathan, the opposition was so much from the opposition party that the independent critiques and activists were made to look active and great at what they do. From the dailies to the social medias, the opposition party gave the platform for every critique to talk and for every activist to fight about something. This may not be healthy for the politicians (it was definitely not healthy for Jonathan and his wife Patience), but it is definitely healthy for democracy, and democracy should be bigger than any individual in the government. That is what makes it people-centric. But fast forward to now when APC finally is the ruling party and PDP the opposition party so to say, one can only start thinking PDP had been the ruling party for so long they don’t know how to be an opposition party. The importance of an active opposition party in a democratic government has been made obvious, and it has also made everyone realize APC has been a ruling party having no opposition at all from the so called opposition party; which is good for the agenda of APC to take total control of the government by all means, and for the urge of an autocratic President Buhari to have all the levels and arms of the government in his palms to own, structure and control.

The attempt to crush any powerful politician and the crushing of every ground-gaining politician who goes against APC and the Buhari government (e.g Dino Melaye, Ayo Fayose, Bukola Saraki) is a serious and effective strategy APC would use to scramble every association sitting and scheming against them. It would take but only a short while before every powerful politician move to APC because they cannot stand the risk of the government of APC attempting to crush them, and also, it would take but only a very short while before every ground-gaining politician moves to APC because of the threat that they may get crushed by the APC government, as there are already enough evidences showing that the government is keen on taking down anyone who is not with them by any means within the powers in the hands of the executive head of the government; and what power do we have left that is not in the hands of the boss of the government. Buhari is politically omnipotent! All powers belong to him.

Also, one after another, APC is taking over the governorship of most of the states in the federation, and too, the taking over of the senatorial districts, the taking over of the representation of the constituencies, as well as the dominance of the administration of the wards, keeping it at this pace and maintaining the wrong use of the armed forces, civil servants, serving corps and staffs of INEC in making sure an APC candidate wins in an election, by the next administration almost every state of the country would be having an APC governor and the legislature would be absolutely dominated by members of the APC and the central would be owned by another APC president if the next president is not Buhari again as the rumors of him making an elongation of term or a third term possible never cease spreading, and you know what they say about rumors.

The rumors of the third term is difficult to be classified as just another rumor as everything occurring in the government right now shows signs of something I call the democratic coup de tart. The threat to crush any opposing powerful politician, the crushing of every ground-gaining politician who is trying to stand against the ruling party, the attempt to reduce the political noises on all medias, the disappearance of political journalists, the arrest of political activists and detention against curt order, the corny and friends-and-relatives-based selection and appointment of heads of other arms of the government and the levels of government by the government, as well as the agencies of the executives; they all show that something is about to happen that will lead Nigeria to an absolute government. It is not so obvious now because it’s still in the making, but eventually the plans shall play and everyone will realize it has stopped being a democracy since after Jonathan. Hopefully, some kind of intervention happens.

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