The Olusegun Peters

Growing up, I always wanted to be a person of great knowledge, a person who does great things with whatever he does—even when I never really knew what I wanted to do with my life until much later. As a teenager in a senior secondary class, I discovered my great skills in writing and my gift of communicating with people’s mind and heart using words cunningly. Later on in my teen ages, I developed interests in wanting to find the truth out about what’s widely misunderstood or some false messages passed as the truth, and writing about them for people to know the real truth; this was going to lead me into blogging for a living later on starting from when I became an undergraduate.

In my struggle to gain admission to study Political Science at the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University Ife, Osun State, Nigeria, my need to do great in Government as a subject required for such admission in the matriculation exams got me interested in politics, which eventually made me an ardent scholar of politics at every level of all of my degrees I’ve gotten. Being a student of politics happens to be the great impact I needed to have for my eyes to be opened to how to be the person of great knowledge and the person who does great things that I have always wanted to be.

As a Political Scientist, I believe in activism—the need to speak up and fight for anything at all to get done, as it takes an aggressive activism to help the system get anything right, and I feel obliged to add my own shout to the noises and fight my own part of the fights that would lead Nigeria to the greatness that would be good for her and for us all as Nigerians, and also help us as a country achieve political, economic and social freedom for every individual, regardless of who they are and where they are from; which by the way should be the Nigerian dream—the dream every Nigerian works towards every day, as it is only when this level of greatness for Nigeria is achieved and this level of freedom achieved for the people that every individual can be able to achieve any other dream they have, and live in peace. Just one more degree to go and I should be qualified to teach these to university students—as their lecturer of course.

How I got to be a techpreneur depends so much on my knowledge in technology and my passion for getting informed and getting prepared for any next big thing. Also, I have spent most part of my life being that tech guy, doing tech things, learning new tech things and hustling with all these to fend for myself as a self-sponsored student. My long years of having to cut deals and turn 1k to 2k overtime gave me a wide and rich experience in how to turn any available resources or opportunity to wealth, and it turns out the resources I have in abundance are in tech, and every other things I have upstairs. So, from providing tech services to selling information to solving tech problems, I have been everywhere making profits and creating jobs for people. This is what I do now; what describes my person and who I really am, and this is what I want to keep doing till at the mention of the name Olusegun Peters anytime and anywhere, I am the Olusegun Peters that comes to mind. This is what’s going to make me The Olusegun Peters.

About Olusegun Peters

Olusegun Peters is a businessman, a politician, a scholar and a crypto enthusiast. He is passionate about impacting as many people as possible one person at a time. Read more about Olusegun here

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