I Smiled

I laid face-up.

I looked far in the sky.

I saw the bats dispersed, but traveling towards the same direction; at ease.

I saw the clouds helping me imagine images.

I saw the sitting old woman in the moon again.

Memories of childhood flashed;

Good childhood memories.

I smiled.



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Olusegun Peters is a businessman in tech and in the academics. He is the founder of www.primerinfotech.com and www.pec-ng.com. He is also a poet who has hundreds of poems published, and a couple of media and literature awards to his credit.  He is by education a Political Scientist at every degree of academics. He believes in the parts social activeness must take in individual development and state-crafting. He believes social involvement is one of the core factors that can bring about the cut-across development. He is passionate about contributing his knowledge to impacting as many people as possible one person at a time. Read more about Olusegun Peters here

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