Making your 2k Set as An Average Nigerian Youth

That this Nigerian economy is not designed to favour the average Nigerian youth is no news anymore—we all know this already; if there is still somebody who doesn’t know this, it has to be they are the kind of people that may never get to beat the Nigerian system and breakthrough. I mean, have you seen the rapid growth in the rate of poverty? Have realized that almost 100% of youths in Lagos who have graduated since 4 to 5 years ago but don’t even have a place they can call their own apartment? Have you realized the increasing rate of unemployment and how graduates are now after graduating going back to doing what people who didn’t go to school are doing to make a living? It’s ghetto out here folks, and it doesn’t promise to be any better anytime soon. But as the solutionists that Nigeria has made us, what can a Nigerian youth do to make an honest living in this country while developing self and looking for a more stable source of income (since it’s not everybody who would want to go into crime)? My advice is simple and it is for those who have like #150,000 at hand they can use as capital; this is a simple and a passive source of income you can hold on to and earn your figurative 2k per day from and “behappy”.

My advice is simple, if you have 150k Naira but you don’t know what to do with it to make income or you know what to do with it but you still want to be able to do other things to develop yourself while your money makes money for you (you are probably thinking about crypto or forex right now but no, these are not really passive sources of income as people usually preach). This is not a financial advice but I would advise you to book your 150k for just this and not have another use for it; put it in this business permanently as the capital, and you only take gains say at the end of the week. You can find the money black market in your area and buy any hard currency you believe in and know it would always rise after every fall. Let’s say we are choosing the American Dollars here, you buy the Dollars on Monday and sell it on Friday—if it rises than you bought it on Monday, if it doesn’t, you chill. Let me illustrate how this goes: let’s say $1 goes for #600 on Monday, and you go to your exchange Aboki and buy $250 with your #150,000 same Monday, you can keep the Dollars you bought till Friday and see if the price goes up. Let’s say it goes up to #615, you can now sell the Dollars at #615 and make a profit of #3,750 on the $250 you bought on Monday and sold on Friday; the figurative 2k for that weekend don set be that, you move again the following week. Now let’s imagine you have a capital of #300,000 and you run the same situations illustrated above,  that would mean you make #7,500 per week. The higher your capital the higher your profit. The more the money market favours Dollars the more profit you make. This is the coolest way to make your shikini capital work for you.

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