Nigerian Government, the NIMC, the NCC and the NIN Thing

If you look at everything about this compulsory and hasty request for the NIMC (National Identity Management Commission) enrollment by the federal government, you’d see it’s one of the things the Nigerian government does without thinking them through, especially when you relate it to the fact that this is not even the time such hasty request should be made, considering that we still have a deadly virus traveling around from people to people. On this, I know the people are really bad at doing things that would help flatten the COVID-19 curves so that life and living can start again, but it get worse when the government is joining the people in starting things that would help the virus spread even more. Because how do you announce such necessity for the National Identity Number (NIN) at this time when you know very well the people’s reaction to that is going to be going out en masse to go get their enrollment done, thereby causing unnecessary large gatherings and the transfer of COVID-19 from one person to another. I repeat—although Nigeria is seriously in need of the identity database, but—this is not the time at all to ask people to rush out there for the NIMC enrollment.

The urgency in how the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) requests the people to link their NIN to their phone lines lest they get blocked soon is another thing one has to be concerned about. Like seriously, why are we like this? Is this lack of communication amongst the offices and agencies in the government or lack of planning? Because it can only be either of the two for a system to push their people out at this time and make it even important that every one of them rushes out at once. If the Nigerian government knows its people well, the government would know only pressure gets the people to come out in large numbers for the same reason. We are a procrastinating people, we don’t do what we have to do until there is pressure, and when there is the pressure, we rush out too much that even the execution of the activity becomes almost impossible. Looking at the NIMC enrollment centers, you would see things are not looking good at all, and—as proudly motivated by the Nigerian government, the NIMC and the NCC together—we are surely going to have another big wave of COVID-19 very soon, and possibly the need for another several weeks of lockdown. All these because the government couldn’t figure out the best way to get the people out for their NIMC enrollment but with no rush. This does not speak well of us at all. It makes me think the people in this government are doing this intentionally or something, just so the COVID-19 cases boosts up and they get to make some money from somewhere or someone over the pandemic. These things will begin to add up when you start thinking weird things.

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