Power Up

We struggle too much to impress people that we have a plan and we are working on it. We want them to believe in us, we want them to believe in our dreams, we want them to believe in our strength. So the struggle to impress and get validation keeps going on till it covers the real endeavors towards the goal. But then, waiting for somebody or people to believe you can do great at what you do is a good evidence of self-doubts; even if you end up having them believing in you, the motivation cannot last.

If you cannot believe in yourself enough that you barely need another person to believe in you before you can ignite your powerful spirit, then you really have not gotten what it takes yet. Having what it takes starts from being aware of your own strength, and letting that be your drive… your core drive. If you can get here, their reaction towards your hustles and dreams would barely matter. You would do what you can do anyways whether they are acknowledging it or not. Power yourself up from within.

About Olusegun Peters

Olusegun Peters is a businessman in tech and in the academics. He is the founder of www.primerinfotech.com and www.pec-ng.com. He is also a poet who has hundreds of poems published, and a couple of media and literature awards to his credit.  He is by education a Political Scientist at every degree of academics. He believes in the parts social activeness must take in individual development and state-crafting. He believes social involvement is one of the core factors that can bring about the cut-across development. He is passionate about contributing his knowledge to impacting as many people as possible one person at a time. Read more about Olusegun Peters here

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