Reflecting on the Diminishing Development of Nigeria

It always sounds elevating when we read it or they tell it to us that Nigeria is fast developing in some particular aspects. It’s a good thing being told that your country is doing better, but for the inquisitive minds who think beyond what they are told and see more than they are shown, we always tend to see the realities that are politically hidden in every of those hypes they give Nigeria at home and from abroad. Not to be harsh on the country, not to be bitter in any way or make anyone think Nigeria is not developing as everyone says—truly she is, and I sincerely believe she is, but I also do not want to ignore the signs I see everyday and everywhere which are signs of a country that is not really developing. These signs are the reasons why my comprehensive belief about Nigeria’s development is that Nigeria is actually developing, but in a very diminishing way. The ones who understand The Law of Diminishing Returns would have a clearer picture of what I’m talking about here, but to stress it, I want to put these signs to your face too and leave you to have what to believe on Nigeria’s development too.

Signs Nigeria is Not Really Developing

1. Politics is business not service; in fact the most lucrative business.

2. Only the same set of people rule over a very long period of time.

3. There are more churches plus mosques on every street than there are schools, clinics, etc. put together.

4. Almost every one of the people is delusional; they say what is there is not there just to escape the reality of its presence and the fact that they cannot handle its presence. Eg. Even when their malaria is obviously killing them, they pronounce they don’t have malaria.

5. There is widespread dependence on substances among the youths, e.g. Codeine, alcohol, Tramadol, marijuana, etc.

6. Gambling of every kind is overly rampant, and almost everyone is into it addictively.

7. The more educated the citizens are, the mentally dumber and physically weaker they become.

8. Oftener than necessary, the people leave everything to fate, destiny and God and act less.

9. The people make jokes out of everything—even the most pressing public issues.

10. Leaving the country means succeeding and everyone just wants to leave even when they are not sure of what awaits them where they are going to.

It is okay to want to be sentimental based on your patriotism, but no matter how sentimental you want to be about this, you should at least be capable of seeing that these 10 signs aren’t good for development at all after comparing other countries having any of these signs with Nigeria and how developed they are together.

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