Russia, Ukraine, USA and the Rest of the World: The Display of Might, Feebleness, Dishonesty and Confusion

This is the time when everyone has an opinion on international politics, because, well, Russia and Ukraine have made everyone an expert of international relations, so we all have what we think Russia is doing trying to go to war with anyone in the way of her safety. We all have what we think Ukraine is doing trying to be the one looking helpless amidst putting hands in things making Russia feel unsafe. We all have what we think America is doing trying to be the hero coming to stand by Ukraine against Russia. We all have what we think is why the rest of the world is left to either be confused on who to support or continue arguing on who is right and who is wrong. Just like everyone else, I have what I think on the Russian-Ukrainian crisis too, but contrary to the angle many breed their thoughts from—Russia not having the right to invade Ukraine, Ukraine using the idea of joining NATO to pose threats on Russia, and USA being hypocritical about Russia invading Ukraine to protect her interests (as America herself is known for invading countries for same purpose)—I breed my own thoughts on this matter from the angle of Russia having the right to do just about anything to protect her security interests and to avoid enemy and frenemy countries from coming any close to her radar; which justifies her invasion of Ukraine in readiness to go to war with her if she insists on exposing the region to enemy and frenemy countries and institutions. On Ukraine joining NATO, I breed my thoughts from the angle of Ukraine knowing how Russia would be sensitive to this and yet using that factor to taunt Russia so as to dispense frustrations that would catch the attention of the world and make Russia look like the villain while Ukraine herself looks like the victim who needs help from the rest of the world; this was going to be a well-played game if the rest of the world and the world police could actually punish Russia for this, but since Russia is, although not uncheckable and not unafraid of war, but she’s beyond a country another world power and her friends can subdue with threats. Since things are right now looking like Ukraine is not getting what she envisages, this game she’s playing becomes a washed one.

On USA’s intervention to back up Ukraine, my thoughts are bred from the angle of USA not being honest with her position; USA would do the same thing Russia is doing right now should any country at all around her borders try to pally with her enemies or frenemies and bring them close, and apart from imagining USA being in the same shoes as Russia on this matter and doing the same thing Russia is doing now (other things being equal), history tells that USA has records of invading countries just to protect herself or promote her interests. So USA antagonizing Russia’s move to protect herself from the borders of Ukraine is a dishonest game played to protect her own interest she has been promoting in Ukraine. So as it is now, although Ukraine has reasons to join security institutions and partner with powerful countries to abate oppression and threats from Russia, but it looks like the Ukrainian president, Zelensky, has an ulterior motive to set the Russian president, Putin, and Russia up for the punishment he believes the world police and world laws could dispense. It also looks like Putin knows Zelensky’s ulterior motive and he is ready to fearlessly dare the world police and world laws, because himself and Russia are the big spiders that tear the webs that catch the smaller spiders and get them punished or killed. It also looks like USA, the pro-Ukraine parts of Europe and the other pro-Ukrainian position countries know that it is not worth it entering a beef or war with Russia just because of Ukraine, so they have all been playing their games with a lot of indifferences and limiting their supports for Ukraine to nonlethal, while they play it nice with Russia too.

Taking Russia down like Germany could be possible, should there be a WWIII because of this Russian-Ukrainian beefs, but, it would not go as easy as it went in the WWII; the world would experience the worst peril of all time, and this is what Putin meant when he said “there would be no winner”—every country would experience losses they could have avoided, and right now, the world is too scared of a world war to go to one just because Russia and Ukraine are trying to protect themselves and Ukraine needs help from such event. The realization of the zero need for this war is why the words countries use to narrate their positions on this matter are becoming more subtle every new day, and Ukraine herself is becoming more accepting of the fact that she cannot set Russia up for the world to punish. It is not unusual for these things to occur in international relations, but what is unusual is Zelensky not acting like he knows that setting Russia up to commit war crimes and for the world police and law to go to war with Russia would only make the war a Russia versus other big powers’ war, while Ukraine becomes the battle field; Ukraine would get the largest portion of the losses, and it is pathetic that Zelensky is willingly or unwillingly setting Ukraine up for this. Ukraine must probe this man for this. By the way, what is the position of Nigeria on this matter? And should Nigeria and other countries sharing same levels of relevance with her in international politics have any position at all on this matter? Only the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Presidency would be able to answer these questions with the best facts.

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