South African Xenophobia Delivered its Message to Nigerians

Immigrants are builders of countries; America knows this, Britain and her friends and sisters in Europe know this, if not none of them would have travelled to the other end of the world to bring in the slaves that burned their backs to develop the mentioned countries for centuries, and now that slavery is claimed to be illegal, the closest thing to slaves are immigrants, so the people who enjoyed the benefits of slavery would definitely know the benefits of immigration—even the ones who wished they enjoyed slavery would know they must take advantage of immigration too. The process of selecting the best slaves to import is still the process for selecting the immigrants—people who emigrate their own countries are mostly either in the demography of the best citizens of their original country or they are people of the craziest will and drive to succeed (some can be the two together), whichever of the two they are, it still means that they are highly beneficial to any country they migrate to. Immigrants work harder than any other demography of people in any country, they are mostly law-abiding too (because of the fear of deportation or sort), and hen Nigerians as immigrants takes over this context, everything said about immigrants being hardworking, strong-willed for success, driven/motivated, law-abiding, etc. becomes even increased—the survival instincts and the lifestyle of using success as framework for competition every Nigerian family instils in their children always make Nigerians thrive wherever they go. Check the rate of academic successes amongst Nigerians in diaspora, check their living standards, check their attitude to work, check everything about Nigerians abroad you would understand why—although immigrants build countries, but—Nigerians build countries more. Nigerians abroad would easily floor the citizens of their host country. Nigerians come into any country, offer cheaper labour, take multiple jobs at different works and multiple shifts at the same works, outshine everyone else in school and in any industry, take every woman single or married with their culture of spending on women and children well, give good marriage and securities instead of irresponsibility; this is what South Africans can’t stand about Nigerians, it is why Nigerians are the first set of immigrants to dislike in any country they are. This is why the South African xenophobia is more about Nigerians than other Africans—Nigerians in any country abroad make any citizen of that country look lazy and average.

Rewind to fifteen to twenty years ago, it was like emigrating Nigerians newly discovered South Africa and they saw milk and honey in the land, because the way every emigrating Nigerian just faced the direction of South Africa was serious. We can compare this crazy urge for South Africa to the crazy urge for Canada amongst Nigerians now, and the crazy urge for Malaysia and UAE amongst Nigerians around 2010 and 2013. When Nigerians see the better chances for success and good life in any country, they flood that country, that’s how Nigerians move. This movement and its effect is what South Africans don’t like, and why they became brutal against African immigrants—Nigerian immigrants especially, and it is shocking how because of this South African xenophobia, Nigerians don’t even want to emigrate to South Africa anymore, anytime South Africa is suggested to anyone as a place to move to, the “NO!” is always sharp, fast and loud; Nigerians have totally lost interest in moving to South Africa. To think that in the last three years that emigration has gone viral amongst Nigerians, like, every Nigerian is trying to leave Nigeria by all means and to whatever country available, but then no one is mentioning South Africa. This can only mean South Africans successfully achieved what they intended to achieve with xenophobia with Nigerians in mind, or maybe they partially achieved it, as Nigerians that have settled in South Africa would rather die there than return to Nigeria, and that is another thing any receiving country must know about Nigerians, they don’t return home no matter how bad things get. In fact, even if the xenophobic South Africans strictly target Nigerians with their attacks, or give the Nigerians caught the option of deportation to Nigeria or death, most Nigerians would choose death; coming back home after settling abroad is not in the culture. Although, the xenophobic South Africans have been able to create crazy fears in the minds of Nigerians, but they should be prepared for the damning effect it would have on their economy; no country with less immigrants has is able to reach its best possible potentials; immigrants are the builders of countries, and South Africa would definitely miss out on its full potentials if this fear it has created in immigrants is not allayed.

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