The Bad Religion

There is this list of things I have decided to stop writing on—with love, relationship and religion topping the list. I have different reasons as to why I have decided to not write on these things anymore, reasons ranging from how I think about them in a very esoteric way, the crazy things I think about them, and how people think I’m going crazy when I express what I think about them. I must tell however that not writing about love has been easy for me this year, not writing about relationship has been relatively easy too, but not writing about religion has been really hard for me, and I do not want to believe this is because I have read too many books on too many religions and now I have too many crazy things about too many religions I have to express. So, for this, I’m reversing my decision to not write on religion anymore, cos I think an unexpressed thought is just as bad as not thinking at all. So expect to always read about religion from me these days, and sorry, it’s always going to be controversial. Let’s start from what I thought about religion earlier today, shall we?

Talking of being a critical thinker, I have to put this first so the records are set straight; the sustained people in every religion were critiques—they thought, and that’s why they were able to contribute to the development and promotion of the practice of their religion. Therefore, it is dangerous for you and everyone else if your religion forbids critical thinking, and the criticism of the modus operandi and status quo. Not letting the followers have their own thoughts is the number one easiest and unavoidable ways religion could be used to promote oppression, exploitation and suppression. Let yourself not be lied to, no human can do everything based on inspiration/revelation from God every time, if any human does, then that makes them perfect, as God—from whom they get the inspiration/revelation—just never errs (if He does, then He’s not perfect anymore). This means no matter who is pioneering a religion, so long they are human, the imperfect part of them as human will at the very least once in a while intervene. They will be prone to lying, erring and more. Which means if you are not allowed to be critical, then you have been made to conform to anything the pioneer does and says—which is the reason why the world is losing its peace now. We are made to believe everything without questioning, deduction or addition.

Secondly, the acceptance of a religion should never be by compulsion or for the fear of what will happen to people who don’t accept the religion. Also, remaining in a religion should never be by restrictions or for the avoidance of the threats of what happens to those who leave the religion, or for the bad label given to those who leave. Therefore, a religion that uses force to win people in or has bad consequences placed on anyone who tries to leave isn’t a life-giving religion. The reason why you remain in your religion should be because you love living the faith, not because you are trying to avoid what is said about people who leave.

Lastly on my thoughts on religion today is the thought borne out of the question I always ask people who are sure their religion or denomination is the best. I always ask them, how do you know what urine tastes like if you have never tasted some? How do you know your religion or denomination is the best and others are bad if yours is the only one you know so much about and have ever tried? Exactly! There is no way you know a religion you barely know a thing about is not as good as yours. Besides, most people are just all over their religion and loyal to it just because they were born in it and the religion makes it hard for them to even think of trying something else out. Anyone can believe what they were born in and what they grew up doing is the best. So think twice before you conclude only your religion can lead everyone to God…you could be so wrong!

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