The Need to Network

The desire to be in their own space and just lock-up has to be the strongest strive of almost all humans; everyone just wants to dey their dey, or they are so worried about what another person would say or think about them that they just do not want to open themself up to another person at all or easily. It gets even worse now that the human-human interactions are now dependent so much on the internet, and everything that involves humans interacting face-to-face has now transformed into internet cliquing. The result is how we all are now outspoken on the internet but lowkey in real life.

I’ve been thinking, is it possible that there are businesses on this earth that networking is not core to? I’ve not been able to think of one. So, to my best knowledge, no matter what your business is, no matter what you sell, if you are not networking, your desire to be in your own space, your worries over what others would say or think about you, if you are letting them stop you from relating with people, you are doing something really bad to your business. Your business needs you to let yourself out there and meet people—new people, and interact with them. It is only through interacting with people that you know how useful they could be to your endeavors; you can’t know what a person is capable of when you’ve never connected with them. Interaction is key to networking.

Actually, it is a big deal that humans don’t interact face-to-face anymore, but not that much of a big deal that you still cannot plug your tentacles with yet more people every other day; you still can do that, as long as humans still have where they meet to talk—and we do. Put yourself on that internet and talk to people; stop forming “if you don’t hi me I won’t hi you” with others. You, you are a business person, that thing cannot be your own thing. Most of the people you already have on your social media pages, they have something you really need for your business to get better, and funny enough, they would be willing to give, but only if you asked for it; they really need you to ask for it. So ask for it; no shame in that.

Also, there are billions of people on the internet, and you have the chance to connect with a lot of them every day. Even if you cannot connect in hundreds and thousands at the same time, you can do one person per day on each of the social media platforms. Start a conversation with a total stranger, tell them what you do, ask them what they do, try to find a link between what they do and what you do—there is always a link no matter how tiny it is. Strengthen the link and use it for the good of the two parties. Get acquainted with somebody new every day, keep records and tracks of the people you meet per day stating what they do and how it connects with what you do, and other relevant discussions you have. Do this every day for three months and see how you’d be able to say “I’m well-connected” with confidence. And you know what they say about connection and wealth, yea?

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