The North Agenda

If there is anything the Southern Nigeria is best known for, it should be how they overlook what would cause them great harm in the nearest future. An instance of such overlooking is how it doesn’t really bother the South all the unrest happening in the North. All the kidnappings, all the so called banditry and so on, the south just acts almost unbothered about them; especially how the North has been really arming its people. Why the South is unbothered is understandable, at least the insurgents aren’t really affecting the Southerners, it’s mostly about the Northerners killing the Northerners, so as Nigerians only naturally empathize with people who share the same tribe with them, it is very normal that the Southerners can’t be bothered about what the armed Northerners are doing to their Northern brethren. But how about when the agenda in the North—the reason why everyone in the North is trying to get armed—has been completed, or the agenda has to be shifted to another territory, where do we think the insurgents will be coming? Definitely the South.

There are a lot of groups in the North now that have to arm up: the dreaded Boko Haram, the Fulani Herdsmen, and some Islamic groups that are soon going to take their cause to the extreme; they all have their causes they are trying to promote or protect, and that gives them the reason to bear arms. But as much as I know, I know very well causes don’t stop on why they were started if the cause is working or bringing lots of money in, and the causes in the North have been getting a lot of money even from the government, and the members of the dangerous groups have been getting the nicest treatments from the government too. Which means they have reasons to want to expand their causes and reaches. It may look now like it’s no problem for the South, but when the bad Northerners are done with the North, where are they going to? Definitely not into extinction, definitely not to Niger, but to another parts of Nigeria where they can have more lands and people to subdue. Now, the question is, how prepared is the South for this time when the insurgents will come to them?

We will be fast to think the security outfits: Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) and the newly installed Amotekun for the South-West, and the Eastern Security Network (ESN) of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) for the South-East, and also the plans of the South-South to have their own security outfit too are all enough to keep the South safe from the bad Northerners, but realistically, are they enough? OPC is politicized and suppressed by the laws, Amotekun is relatively too weak to be seen as a military outfit, the ESN is directly suppressed by the government, and when the South-South install their own outfit too, what happened to the militants groups in the South-South would be what happens to it. So how enough to protect the South are these security outfits compared to how armed the bad ones in the North are? This could just mean Nigeria as a whole is never going to be so safe for anyone anymore, as even the government at the regions and state levels don’t even get what they want to do about the security issues; their best approach so far has been to be tribally biased in how they address the issues of the insurgents. This should scare the South, and the whole of Nigerians.

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