The Release of Sowore and Mandate Some Executive Façade

Just when the release of the Revolution Now leader Sowore and his other comrade Mandate by the DSS was announced yesterday, there came the sudden burst of gladness in the air everywhere, and to follow suite were different opinions people started having about the release of the comrades by the DSS which came very much later than the court had ordered, and just in response to a second release-on-bail court order which sounds firmer and stricter. The gladness that the men were released to freedom eventually, the opinions people started having of the release, they are all worth it. Freedom brings happiness and everyone should be glad if they are free…emphasis on if. And also, such conditional freedom Sowere has has to raise debates and questions.

Even though it is a good thing that the comrades were released eventually so they could enjoy their bail freedom and get to reunite with their loved ones again and go back to whatever they were doing in their private and public lives that the bail does not disallow, I still have the opinion that the release is still not saying a thing so good of our democracy. Why does it have to take another court order for the first court order to be executed? Could it be to avoid the lawsuit Sowore was filing against the DSS/FG for the infringement on his right to have a little bail freedom that has been previously given by the court? Does the move of the old women who stripped naked to protest for the release of the comrades have anything doing with this release? Why does the Sowore bail money have to be #150,000,000 and the fine against the DSS for holding him in custody for several weeks against the court order granting the bail have to be just #100,000? The weight of crime should define the punishment, fine and charges I believe. If the bail charge for an accused for treason is #150,000,000 the fine for a body of the government holding a person in custody to disobey a court order and infringe on their human rights shouldn’t be the extremely low fine of #100,000. There is no way this is calculated and fairness would be seen anywhere.

Not to sabotage our gladness for the release of the comrades, but this is not a victory! This obedience of the executive of the federal government is an action full of deceptions and hidden games and strategy of being the hero after doing evil. Do one seemingly right thing after doing really wrong things, and you will be the hero of the tale instead of the suffered victims of your wrong doings. The suffered comrades are the heroes now because of the excitement in the air of their release, as soon as the aura fizzles out, the kind feelings are soon to start waving towards the federal government with the DSS and the head of the executive being at the center of wave; especially if Sowore tries to make any activism move in any recent time coming. The subsequent court hearings would be what defines the victory or defeat, and we are patiently waiting to see how fair or unfair they would be. We can only hope the judiciary is independent enough to make its judicial decisions over this case. May God help us all.

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