The Rest of Us

The Rest of Us

There are not enough political writers at this time in the country, and that is majorly because we are having less and less political readers per generation, as the urge to socialize and be on the phase of social trend is the new order—the distraction . The people are getting more concerned about seeing other people’s ways of life and showing others their ways of life too whilst giving less concern for the things that define their ways of life—politics being are the top of them.

Aside of the rampant political apathy that is a very serious issue amongst Nigerians, people of this generation just want to believe so long they are doing fine in their own ways, they do not need to have anything at all doing with politics, even the ones who are knowledgeable and are supposed to be politically useful are of this stance too, which is why we are always having the unworthy people leading us. But how far could you go if you have been led by people who shouldn’t be leading you?

However, as the majority of have abandoned almost everything having to do with politics, the rest of us left working around politics will have to keep focus so we don’t lose sight on the core reason why we do this—to facilitate state-crafting and push the Nigerian peoples towards the even development. As Nigerians, especially the youths of us, it is important that we set all the sentiments of religion and ethnic aside and urge for the united development first of all. Even in our desperate struggle to get out of here by all means, it is important we know that no matter where we go, no matter what name we are called there, no matter what language we speak there or the accent we have picked, there will always be situations that would remind us of where our true home is—Nigeria. We can’t abandon our home because we are not getting it right. With hard work in unity, Nigeria shall progress. Only us can unite and do the work, and the work involves being political and having interest in the crafting of our country.

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