The Unconventional Career Paths

It’s still almost too difficult or impossible for people of the previous generation, or the people of this generation who are but still living in the previous generation, to understand that being employed as an educated person doesn’t have to be that you go to an office (as we knew it) or you work 9-5. They find it difficult to think a person who wakes up 5am after sleeping just around 2am, and then gets on their computer or their phone and press it all day till it’s another 2am when it’s time to sleep again is employed. No matter how much such person makes per month and how much impact such person is making, they would still be talking about getting a job with them, or be referring them to potential employers. Reason for this is because the working from home and for self and with other remote people is still very strange to the ones who are yet to be in this generation or are stuck in the previous one. Although the coming of the COVID-19 pandemic made working from home more popular, and more people are beginning to see that having to go to an office for work is overrated and really unnecessary. Apart from some industries that mostly require the presence of their personnel (clinical and machine engineering for instance), most jobs can be done anywhere, and you don’t even have to have the physical contact before carrying out most tasks on your job.

I have been working for myself, with remote people, and at home for some years now, and—because people are yet to get that just because someone is at home doesn’t mean they aren’t at work—I’ve been having serious issues with people in my life on trying to let them understand that I could be home and not be able to take their visit or pay them a visit, or be able to help them “quickly run an errand”, or pay attention to them when they pay a visit, and this is because I am at work and even if I’m not this big on not wanting to mix work with what’s not work, I would still not want to get distracted with a call, visit or presence. But then, I am big on not wanting to mix work with what’s not work, and also big on not wanting to get distracted while working. This is why even when I was dating, I always made sure it’s a distance relationship, and with a person who is working too or at least have the understanding that her boyfriend could be at home and not be available for a lot of things. But when it’s time for romance, I could clear a whole month to be with the partner all day every day with no distractions. That’s not how it should be, but my kind of job wants it to be just like that, and we have to comply if we do not want to be broke.

The point of all these is to say that more of us stay-home workers need to engage in enlightening the people in our lives about how work is work whether it is from home and for self and with remote people, or it’s from an office that’s 100 kilometers far from our home and for a body and with physical people. Also, more people need to be made aware that employment has gone beyond the white-collar and the blue-collar jobs, and that there are new career paths now that people need to start jumping on, instead of how everyone is rushing towards the same kind of businesses that are in fact already busted. Our educated people need to leave pastry, tailoring and make-up artistry alone for a while and start thinking outside of the box. You know how beads making was a thing around 10 years ago and everyone was rushing into it and now all of them have nothing to do with their beads skills anymore? Same is soon going to happen to pastry, tailoring and make-up artistry too, just because they are flooded, and their audiences now have too many options or everyone now does all these things for themself. You really need to look into the new opportunities in town now instead of just running towards the same direction. Unless you’ve got something about the busted industries you are coming in it to revolutionize, and you’ve got the plans for the revolution and the tenacity to execute it, and the wit and patience it requires, just leave these fields alone and be creative on something different.

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