This State of Security

Really, it should scare anyone the kind of society Nigeria is becoming in terms of security. The protection of lives and properties aren’t mutually assured anymore. In fact, the later seems to bring more threats upon the former—you invest your life in gathering properties, your life becomes unsafe just because you have properties and there are too many people out there who want to take your properties from you, ranging from the robbers to the ones who are trained and employed to stop the robbers from robbing you, and to achieve this, these groups are willing to reach any length.

Anyone who leaves their spot to be on another person’s spot just to take what belongs to the other person and make it theirs is a person on the verge of employing whatever means possible to make that happen—whether they know they could reach that length or not. A robber who comes at you may think they don’t want to be so desperate about robbing you that they kill you in the process, but the truth is, anyone who is in the action of robbery would kill you even over the cheapest thing if they’ll have to do so to be able to take it away from you. In Nigeria, there was the time when people just came to rob you and focused on just robbing you off your things, and they were so careful about it that they didn’t want to kill anyone. Nowadays, things have changed, and robbers have gotten even more desperate that they may even stab you to death just to steal your earphones from you. These and even worse have been the rampant case everywhere with no state in Nigeria exempted.

Traveling used to be what many people get excited about, but now, whenever you have any reason to travel, you firstly think of you possibly getting robbed or abducted—amidst your worries over the life-ruining things the bad roads could cause. You find yourself in a big gathering and you can’t but think of something going kaboom! You are worried about your kids in school because you know someone may be trying to abduct them either for rituals or for some ransom. You walk or drive into a group of armed police and you have to think about the possibilities of you getting shot even when you pose no threat. When these forces visit your home—without warrants nor you having the chance to ask them of a means of identification, they still show you the might of their guns and bullets. Where do you feel safe in Nigeria? Who feels safe in Nigeria? It is okay to argue that the politicians don’t feel safe too as that is why they have tons of security people guiding them, but at least, the armed forces aren’t trying to shoot them just to take something away from them. Things circling around this should be what our campaigns and manifestos are about and what the electorates are asking questions about, not how the candidates look or how good they can dance. We need to do more as a people and make our politicians be in our situations too; because it is then and only then they can start doing things that would help us in avoiding the things we are trying to avoid. We need to feel safe.

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