US vs Iran: How Safe is the Rest of the World

It’s a fact that almost all of the terrorists groups in countries around the world are Islamic, or at least operating under the disguise of being Islamic. And technically, all of their attacks are against everybody that is not one of them—not just the non-muslims as the media make it seem. Also, every one of these groups has their lists of countries they hate so much and would like to bring to dust if they could, with America toping each of these lists. But with Iran being an Islamic country, what effect would America attacking her have on the security of the rest of the world—remembering that the government’s killing of any terrorist or labeled-terrorist person always leads to the birth of more potential terrorists, and the escalation of anger in the existing terrorists?

Let’s start from Nigeria, our home terrorist group—Boko Haram, would do anything to stay relevant with the renown terrorists groups in the world and be recognized by the Islamic nations. If America—one of the countries Boko Haram claims to hate so much—pisses Iran up by killing her warlords because they (America) are convinced they are terrorists, and Iran being an Islamic country that surely has Islamic terrorist groups that would want to avenge the death of these warlords by any means on behalf of Iran and the peoples of Iran, do we have any possibility at all that Boko Haram will follow that trend of vengeance too? Yes we do! The Nigeria Police Force knows this, and the US Government just confirmed it too by recently warning Americans in Nigeria to be careful.

It is rarely possible to have any country these days that does not have an Islamic terrorist group, groups that want to be recognized with the Islamic nations and the bigger Islamic terrorist groups, groups that have America as the number one on the list of the countries they don’t like. Any of these groups—just like Boko Haram—would want to do devious things to show their anger towards America (or in fact anyone that’s not them) for the murder of the generals. A common enemy can turn disagreeing people to friends, so these groups don’t even have to like Qasem Soleimani or Iran, they would like to attack America and Americans and any friend of America for any reason at all at any good opportunity they have to do so.

Though this US vs Iran grudge has an almost zero tendency of being the cause of the Third World War as people fear, but it would be a costly mistake to think there would be no comeback at America and their friends from Iran and their friends—the old of them and the ones just becoming friends with Iran just because America attacked Iran. Everyone just needs to be very careful, as not just Americans the anger everywhere right now is against, but anyone.

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