US vs Iran, The Trigger of The Third World War?

Just a few days ago before the Iran protesters’ attack on the US Embassy in Iran earlier this week, I asked on Twitter: what exactly is America still doing in the Middle East? But my question sounded unreasoned to many people who came across it, and now, I guess it’s beginning to unfold itself the reason why American soldiers are still warrying in the Middle East even when who they are fighting with and why they are fighting them aren’t really clear to anyone.

I have long before now—as soon as it looked to me America’s wars in the Middle East were over—thought it’s high time America took her boots out of the Middle Eastern countries where they have been fighting some wars for over a decade now. Entering every year since Osama was killed and al-Qaeda crippled with American soldiers still on the soils of these countries they invaded for their said reason of fighting terrorism gave me reasons to think America has businesses in the Middle Eastern countries they have their boots on than their wars in the countries, and here we go, Iranian protesters’ attack on the US Embassy in Iran caused US to air-strike Iran and killed her senior citizens, which is really scary considering the wary country Iran is and their disobedience of the United Nations’ several warnings over owning nuclear weapons beyond limits. Also, considering North Korea’s leader’s hunger for a war, Russia’s untrue relationship with America, and their likely friendship with Iran just to bring down a common enemy. Is America really ready for this?

Although an attack on a country’s embassy is an act of war as it means an attack on the owner country, but let’s count, how many countries have ever attacked back because their embassies were attacked? What message could Trump be passing with this kind of attack on Iran? Some down-for-whatever message? Would Iran play soft and not retaliate? Very impossible! Is this the beginning of the long-feared Third World War? Hell no! This is not how Albert Pike predicted the three world wars in his letter to Mazzini dated August 15th, 1871 and titled “The Three World Wars”, which two of the three world wars predicted have played out just as he predicted them, as well as the post-war power shifts he predicted too (which is the reason why I bank on the letter’s definition of when the Third World War would be and how it would happen). But on a second thought, nothing is too small to start a world war, just as Mohamed Bouazizi was too small to start a Tunisian revolution and the Arab Spring too, but then, he did.

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