Vice-President Osinbajo in the Buhari Administration: Who Pressed the Mute Button and Why?

Everyone is somewhere complaining on how the Vice-President Osinbajo of the Federal Republic of Nigeria just suddenly became insignificant in the Buhari Administration just almost after he came back to being the VP after being the Acting President for a while there when President Buhari was ill and away out of the country for treatments. This is no fiction, this actually happened, or to say this is actually happening, because yes, it is happening; the VP has been made insignificant in the Buhari Administration and it’s looking right now like he’s not even in it. We all know this, but why is this happening?

First of all, the prof-cum-VP does not fit into the Fulani agenda at all, but he was needed to team up with Buhari because: (1). of the need to sell the righteous team picture to the people as he is a clergy. Buhari has a past in the Nigerian politics that would never sell to the Nigerian voters who are looking for the righteous-but-smart people to vote for to replace the Jonathan Administration. So they needed a seemingly righteous person to fix that up, Osinbajo was a good option for this; (2). also, Osinbjo is not only a clergy whose his assumed righteousness is needed to fix Buhari’s unsellable past, the pastor is a clergy of the most popular Christian denomination in the world, the denomination every Nigerian politician wants to align with to get the G.O’s validation as the followers of the G.O would do what he validates. Osinbajo being a member of this denomination already earned the validation; and (3). as Atiku, the major of other contestants for the office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, has Peter Obi who is believed to be a very smart man, Buhari needed a runner mate that would be that smart too as Buhari was already seen as an uneducated one who doesn’t deserve to be a 21st century Nigerian President. The list of reasons like these as to why Osinbajo was needed to couple up with Buhari to run for the presidency can go on and on, but let’s talk about why Osinbajo becomes irrelevant in the government in the 2nd term.

As I initially said, VP Osinbajo does not fit into the Fulani agenda at all—yes there is a Fulani agenda, and the earlier everyone admits this and sees how it works the better for us all. One of the core goals of the Fulani agenda is to make the Fulani people the greatest of all the peoples of Nigeria—in the realm of politics especially. Osinbajo being the Acting-President for a while exposed him to too much information and also made the peoples of Nigeria appreciate him for some brilliant policies he made while his boss was gone, this made him likable and liable to being a likely presidential candidate who might win in any fair election after Buhari, and for now, another ethnic is not allowed to be the President of Nigeria, only a Northerner could. Osinbajo cannot interrupt that plan.

This is the most sensitive part, a good portion of us Nigerians understand that the Boko Haram and the Fulani Herdsmen insurgents aren’t really insurgents from nowhere, they were created and funded by people in government who need them for a purpose… an agenda. Professor Osinbajo cannot be in the circle of the people who know everything about the founding and funding of these groups; not as Vice-President, not as Acting-President, not as a future President… it’s not good for the agenda. The only thing left to do is to reduce the engagements of the Vice-President to the most unpopular to make him look really unnecessary, and that’s a really effective move. In fact, it’s currently looking like the VP is just there collecting the tax-payers’ money as salary while he does nothing of all he should be doing as the VP. We can only wish the VP happy retirement in advance for after this administration, because no matter what political career he is nursing in his heart at this time, it’s definitely not coming through in any administration coming closely after this one; the prof would have a lot of unnecessary books to start writing after this administration is over.  

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