When a Technocrat is the Nigerian President

The topic of who the next Nigerian president would be come 2023 is the most discussed topic in Nigerian politics as at today, as caused by the fact that a lot of the lords in Nigerian politics are finally publicly expressing their interests in contesting in the next presidential election. Before today, there have been several events that have caused Nigerians to have the position that Nigeria does not need another old person or a person with no touch of the new global realities to be the new Nigerian president, because actually, during the military regimes was the last time Nigeria had a youth and also a person who is in touch with new global realities as the president; since the return to democracy in 1999, it has been from one old and backwards president to another. But surprisingly, the Nigerian youths that were tired of old and out-of-touch presidents earlier on are today arguing on who would be a better president between Atiku and Tinibu—two old people who were in government for at least 8 years each and nothing shows they know what they are doing to develop anything. This can only be another prove that the Nigerian youths are never ready when it comes to participating in state crafting and in making an unusual decision when it comes to political candidates. I have said it before when I started noticing that when a young and new person shows their interest in contesting for any public office in Nigeria, the public, and even the youths who claim to be desperate to have young people dominating Nigerian government just go ahead ignoring the young person trying to vie for a public office. With these, the person gets discouraged and loses interest in contesting, since they would have already seen that they cannot get the support they need to win. This also happens when a woman shows interests in some offices too.

Does Nigeria have the good chance of having a young and a gearhead president anytime soon? No! The cabals who determine who rules next don’t believe in the agenda of having a youth and a technocrat as the president. Two of the only few situations when they can place a youth there is when the youth has been able to mine too much support from the public and such youth with the public support they have could cause a whole revolution in the system (like the case of Boby Wine in Uganda), or when the cabals want to use a youth or a technocrat to play to a particular agenda among the people so as to win trusts and gain loyalties (what they did with pairing Osinbajo with Buhari to be in Nigerian presidency). In either of these cases, what the cabals would do here is to initiate such youth into the cabal, or build some sort of check that would make the youth have to have some sort of allegiance to them. The cabals would do anything to make sure their interests, lives, legacies and properties are protected, so they would never want in power a person who has not gotten a lot of things to protect too. So this factor on its own works against Nigeria having the good chance of having a youth and/or a technocrat as a president soon—that’s even apart from the attitudes of the Nigerian youths that’s not supportive of new and young people in government. But if Nigeria ever gets to where we have an under 40 as the president (man or woman), and this person is brilliant and in touch with the new global realities, what do we expect to happen in the government and in Nigeria as whole?

Not to sound as though I do not believe in the project give power to the youths or/and technocrats, but the change Nigeria needs is not dependent on whether the people in power are youths or they are oldies, it is rather dependent on the common personal wills the people in power have for Nigeria, and their power they commonly have over the wills of the cabals. Because if the cabals are still the ones in charge of who gets what power in Nigeria, the will can never be to promote and protect Nigeria and Nigerians, but to promote and protect the cabals and their personal interests. So it is okay to think Yemi Osinbajo cannot be the technocrat he looks like he would be if he gets to be the Nigerian president. Peter Obi cannot be able to be the technocrat in the Nigerian presidency as he was able to be when he was the Governor of Anambra State. Seyi Makinde cannot be able to be the technocrat in the Nigerian presidency as he is as the Governor of Oyo State. None of the activists trying to be the Nigerian president would be able to be the technocrat Nigeria needs, and this is not said because I do not believe in supporting the rookies, but because truly, being able to have developmental plants for Nigeria and being able to execute them is beyond any one technocrat as Nigerians believe. In fact believing in one hero is what got Nigerians into the Buhari-in-Aso-Rock project; the man was sold to Nigeria to be the saviour because the cabals know the hero syndrome works on Nigerians so much every time. If they give us another “idol”, it is because they know Nigerians would still fall for it, over and over again. In fact, advisably, Nigerians need to firstly remove the attitude of needing a hero from the factors they use to accepting who leads them, as it is in fact at this time we can be able to build true interests in a person based on their true capabilities and not on what is sold to the vulnerable public about the person.

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