Where the Digital Money Market is Dipping to

For the past few weeks, the condition of the digital money market has been one or two dots up in one day and several dots down the following day, it’s like the most unstable market I have ever seen, and this is not limited to crypto currencies, the Forex monies are experiencing this too, only with a little bit of stability. The implication of this is that this is a bad time for the long-term money holders counting down days to when they would have their targeted new All Time High (ATH) prices on which they can sell or swap the coins so they can have a wide profitable gap between the price they bought the coins at and the price they are selling it at, or swap the coins they bought for cheaper prices which now have higher prices for another set of coins with cheaper prices. This would be that the hodlers would have to wait for longer period of time before their days of profit come. So all hodlers are losing time (which can be said to be money too), but not losing money directly unless it’s a bad hodler who sells at a bearish market—an hodler doesn’t lose no matter how dip the market gets unless they sell; if you don’t sell, only the value of your coin goes down, your amount of coin stays the same. Contrary to what the people who are not grounded in trading say when the market is dipping, unlike a hodler, a trader is not really affected or losing money or time in a bearish market. Since the market is still dipping and pumping, it means profit and loss margins are still created every day; they can buy and sell every day and take profit. So when a trader joins the shout of losing money in a bearish market, I really don’t know what they are talking about. Like, how are you losing money exactly? Are people not selling coins to you? Are people not buying coins from you? The only problem I can see that a trader would have in a bearish market is people not selling enough, and this factor is even not strong, as some people sell more in a bearish market out of the panic that the market might get worse.

To leave who might be gaining or losing in a bearish market alone and talk about the bearishness of the market. Is this the doom of cryptocurrencies like the anti-crypto lots always predict? No! That is probably not coming anytime soon—even if it is coming at all. So this is more like an unwanted occurrence in the market but not abnormal; a money market or any market at all cannot be rising every time, else it would have no value of what is marketable. A market must have the chances or rising and falling, and rising and falling at small or big rates. The COVID-19 years came with a bullish market of big rise margins, so we should know that this much fall is possible too if that much rise was possible. What I am saying is that no one should be shocked the money market currently keeps going down more every day than it’s trying to come back up. That being stated, how far down is it going? Well, no one can assuredly predict the point where the market bounces back, we all can only keep stating our opinions formed on experiences, feelings and history, all which could be faulted by events. Personally, I cannot even state when I think the market would reach its resilient point and start bouncing back up, but I know a thing for sure: this would be when real hodlers would get to have more coins. People who have been looking to have more coins but don’t have a lot of money can now buy the coins cheaply. This is also the time for people who have been looking to enter the money market to hodl or trade can easily enter as they can afford a lot of coins now. This is the market giving chances to hodlers and new entrants. So there should be more rejoicing instead of the nagging from traders and hodlers. If the market is surely not crashing anytime soon, then it would mean the time comes soon when it pumps so crazily again and people who bought more coins cheaply would have money value to their coins they want to sell. Let the hodlers cheer up; the good times are coming back sooner or later, just hold what you have and add more if you could.

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