Who Goes Down for the Lekki Massacre?

Regardless of what anyone says, do not join them in thinking the Lekki massacre didn’t happen—it happened. Although it’s annoying how the so called youths fighting for the ending of SARS (Special Anti-Robbery Squad) and the revival of the country which led to the protests that got a lot of people killed got over everything so fast like nothing happened; like those people didn’t die for a cause we were all ready to die for. Not even up to three days after the shooting and everyone is back to their clowning, leaving the ones who lost their properties and people who lost their friends and family members during and after the protests to their own problem. All these say a lot about us as a people. It tells why the oppressors never take anything the people do so seriously and can never be afraid of what the people should be able to do with their people-powers, but good for the oppressors, the people are never that serious or united enough to use their own people-powers effectively. These are real things in Nigeria, and they are the factors that will come together to define what the end of all the investigations and the probing processes on everything that happened around the protest would go—especially the Lekki massacre.

A panel has been set up to investigate and probe everything that happened around the protests, the killing of unarmed protesters, the massacre of peaceful protesters that happened at Lekki by the men of the Nigerian Army—which by the way was initially labelled as “Fake News” by the military and letter admitted that it happened, and then backed up with so many other lies to exonerate the military from the massacre. But the one thing I know for sure is: soldiers don’t match for an event like the Lekki massacre lest a superior orders it; someone definitely ordered the Lekki massacre. But how are the investigations and probing going to end? We all know the answer already; no one on the side of the oppressors is going down for anything that happened during and after the protest—including the Lekki massacre. The government and its friends will keep dancing around the investigations and probing, and for every little clue found from the remnants of the cleaned up evidences, there would always be another person at the top of an agency denying the evidence, everything would keep going back and forth till the tension and the urge for justice fades out, and no one is held responsible for anything. In fact, if everything goes as the oppressors always play it and would like to play it again, a couple of people who spearheaded the protests might end up having a lot of legal troubles; which is already coming to play by how some of them are been curbed from being able to travel out of the country. If anyone is going down for all the human rights abuses that happened around the protests, it’s going to be from the people who staged the protests against the government for having a lot of agencies that abuse human rights with confidence. But let’s keep our fingers crossed as we continue watching this shit show.

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